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Income and Employment Supports Act

Published Date: January 01, 2004
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Part 2 Income Support and Health and Training Benefits (Sections 5-18)

Division 6 General Provisions (Sections 13-18)

Section 15 Discontinuation, suspension or variation

  1. The Director may, subject to the regulations, refuse to provide assistance under Part 2 or discontinue, suspend or reduce the assistance provided when, in the opinion of the Director, an applicant or recipient, where applicable,

    1. refuses to seek or to accept reasonable employment for reasonable wages,

    2. terminates employment that the applicant or recipient might reasonably have continued to hold,

    3. refuses to make reasonable efforts

      1. to obtain compensation or collect income that the applicant, recipient or a member of his or her household unit is entitled to or eligible for, or

      2. to realize on an asset or other financial resource that the applicant, recipient or a member of his or her household unit owns or may be entitled to,

    4. refuses or neglects to avail himself or herself or a member of his or her household unit of advantages the applicant or recipient or member of the household unit may receive or be entitled to under any other law,

    5. refuses or neglects to take advantage of appropriate training or rehabilitative measures,

    6. fails to maintain the eligibility requirements for the assistance provided,

    7. fails to comply with any term or condition of the assistance provided,

    8. fails to comply with a direction under section 14(1)(a) or (c) or with section 14(2),

    9. fails to comply with a requirement under Part 5, or

    10. refuses to provide complete information required to determine the applicant’s or recipient’s eligibility for assistance or provides false information.

  2. The Director may refuse to provide benefits to a person in the category referred to in section 6(1)(a)(iii) or to a person eligible under section 9 if that person had previously received benefits under either of those sections but,

    1. in providing information that was required to determine the person’s eligibility for assistance under those sections, provided incomplete or false information, or

    2. used the benefits for a purpose other than that for which they had been provided.

  3. If there is a change in a recipient’s circumstances or the circumstances of another member of the recipient’s household unit, the Director may reduce, increase, suspend or discontinue any assistance under Part 2 being provided to the recipient or other member of the recipient’s household unit.