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Published Date: July 12, 2016
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Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES)

Job Search Supports


Income and Employment Supports Act, Part 2 Section 12,
Disability-Related Employment Supports and Services Regulation


To provide short-term supports and/or services to a person with a disability who is actively seeking employment.

All policy, eligibility and responsibilities stated in the Overview Disability Related Employment Supports policy must be met and/or agreed to prior to issuance of DRES supports and/or services.


  • The length of time that job search supports can be provided will vary and depend on how much time it takes to successfully launch an individual into independent employment. These supports/services need to be documented on the Mobius employment training plan.
  • Job search supports may be funded to a maximum Government of Alberta contribution of $5,000/person with a disability per Service Plan where the person is actively seeking employment and working in partnership with the Government of Alberta. 
  • A Service Plan must be developed indicating that the person with a disability is employment destined, outlining the supports and/or services needed by the person with a disability to conduct an active job search, the period of time that DRES job search supports will be provided, and the DRES cost.  
  • The Government of Alberta is responsible to verify that the DRES recipient received the supports and/or services for which the Government of Alberta has issued payment(s).  

    Refer to the Eligible and Ineligible Assistive Services and Assistive Technology List for approved services and/or supports.