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Published Date: October 06, 2021
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Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES)

Job Search Supports


Government Organization Act
Workforce Development Agreement
Income and Employment Supports Act, Part 2 Section 12,
Disability-Related Employment Supports and Services Regulation


To provide funding for short-term Job Search Supports (JSS) to eligible individuals with a disability to connect them to the labour market.


JSS are defined as short-term supports/services taken to assist a DRES-eligible individual in obtaining independent employment.

Eligible Individuals

All policy, eligibility and responsibilities stated in the DRES Overview Policy and the DRES Eligibility policy must be met and agreed to prior to issuance of DRES funding for supports/services.

Expectations of the Individual

Individuals must demonstrate acceptable job search progress as outlined in their service plan. If working with a service provider, the individual must comply with attendance and standards as required.

JSS Components

JSS may provide funding for short-term supports that:

    • address barriers to job search and employment
    • are structured to ensure completion at a set point in time
    • are monitored by an Authorized Official for progress and completion
    • are offered/can be purchased in the Province of Alberta



There is no maximum time duration for JSS. An individual must be making progress on their labour market attachment through demonstrated activity. For example, working with a service provider to connect with employers or attending job interviews.


Funding Considerations



Maximum Amount

 $5,000/person with a disability per Service Plan

 Cost Share

 Not Applicable


 Will vary depending on labour market


Note: When possible it is best practice to rent technology. When a rental option does not exist, purchasing the technology or equipment may be considered.



Business Process

R10 Mobius Business Process


Individuals requesting a review of a decision regarding DRES supports and/or services or to exceed maximum funding amounts must follow the DRES Review of Decision process outlined in policy.


CEIS Overview

DRES General Policy Overview

DRES Eligibility Policy

DRES Supports and Services Policy

DRES Workplace Supports

Employability Assessment

Workforce Development

Specialized Assessment