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Published Date: October 06, 2021
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Career & Employment Information Services

Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES)

Overview Policy


Government Organization Act
Workforce Development Agreement
Income and Employment Supports Act, Part 2 Section 12,
Disability-Related Employment Supports and Services Regulation


To provide general direction and considerations for Authorized Officials to assist persons with a disability, as defined by the DRES Regulation, to:

    • participate in education/training leading to employment,
    • access employment opportunities, and
    • participate in the workforce.


DRES is a funding element under Career and Employment Information Services (CEIS). DRES may provide funding for individualized supports/services that address the barrier(s) to employment created by an individual’s disability.

Disability-Related Employment Supports and Services Regulation defines disability as a diagnosed and documented chronic or permanent physiological or psychological impairment of functions that limits an individual’s ability to complete education or training, become employed or maintain employment.


DRES provides funding for supports and services in three categories each with a specific policy page.

  1. Job Search Supports
  2. Workplace Supports
    • On the Job Supports
    • Worksite Modifications
    • Vehicle Modifications
    • Assistive Technology
  3. Education Supports


DRES funding approval must be granted prior to the purchase and/or provision of disability related supports/services.


The expected outcomes of DRES are to enable individuals with disabilities to:

    • obtain/maintain employment through funding supports and/or services,
    • participate in education/training,
    • access employment opportunities, and/or
    • participate in the workforce and receive at least the minimum wage as defined in the Alberta Employment Standards Code (includes comparable self-employment).



A Government of Alberta recognized assessment will inform the Authorized Official’s decision regarding the required supports/services to assist an individual with labour market attachment.

The following steps outline the general process for DRES funding. The R10 Mobius Business Process outlines the detailed steps and processes:

  1. An Authorized Official conducts an Employability Assessment to determine whether an individual is employment-destined. Further assessment to determine the type of supports/services required may be needed.
  2. The individual identifies that they have a disability that causes a barrier to employment and is able to substantiate the disability.
  3. The Authorized Official determines DRES funding eligibility.
  4. The Authorized Official pre-approves DRES funding for supports/services.
  5. An individual secures the needed supports/services, submits invoice(s).
  6. An Authorized Official processes the invoice.


Budget Codes

Budget Codes for DRES funding are found on the internal Budget Code Document.




Individuals requesting a DRES review of decision regarding funding for DRES supports/services or to exceed maximum funding amounts must follow the DRES Review of Decision process outlined in policy.


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