Connecting Learning and Work: Alberta’s Commitment to Career Development

More than ever, young people and adults are facing increasingly complex decisions when choosing education and career paths. Government’s commitment to career development helps Albertans discover their talents and aspirations, explore and choose occupations and jobs and effectively pursue various pathways throughout their education and work life.

What is Connecting Learning and Work?

Connecting Learning and Work will create stronger links between education and work, and provide better access to career and employment services and programs so Albertans are able to take full advantage of working and learning opportunities in an ever-changing labour market.

Connecting Learning and Work outlines how provincial government ministries, particularly our Ministry, Enterprise, and Advanced Education and Technology are working together to support the career development of Albertans from kindergarten through grade 12, post-secondary and the workplace.

“Career development is what we do with our talents, interests, and abilities. Career Development is our gyroscope. It is our navigational instrument for measuring and maintaining orientation and stability. It is part of our internal guidance system that assists us in managing transitions and sustaining balance in learning, working, and living regardless of the pressures or forces that act upon us.”

Connecting Learning and Work: Alberta’s Commitment of Career Development
Connecting Learning and Work: Alberta’s Commitment of Career Development (French)

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