true stories
If you've been victim to an
online pervert, had a sexting
incident or simply have
questions about online
safety, you're not alone.
Here are some real stories
from real teens, just like you.
I'm a 14-year-old girl who met a 15-year-old guy on MySpace. He
was soo funny and cute. We hit it off right away. After chatting for a
couple weeks, I really wanted to see him in person. I already saw
him on cam, so I knew he wasn't some old creeper. Thinking it was
safe, I decided to meet him at the mall. From there we walked to a
park. That's where he sexually assaulted me. Guess it just goes to
show that pervs aren't always old nasty guys.
In my first year of high school I started dating this guy who was a
year older than me. I really thought we loved each other. One
weekend when I was away with my family, he texted me saying he
really missed me. He asked me to send him some sexy photos of
myself. So I did. Turns out he was at a party and he showed my
pics to everyone. Even sent them to a few friends. I was a
laughing stock at school. I dumped him. But I was still humiliated
for the rest of the year.