stuff u need to know
Stuff U Need to Know
Be Perv-Free. If you think a pervert is trying to get
you or your friend, shut down the program you are
using. If you go back onto the chat room or IM,
re-register with a new user ID and use the Ignore or
Block button to keep them out. Whatever you do,
don't make contact with the pervert. Even though
you want to catch the pervert, you could put
yourself in serious danger. Tell your parents or the
police if you think it’s gone too far.

Tell your friends, brothers and sisters what you
know about perverts.
You can help them under-
stand what these perverts are up to—maybe even
stop someone from meeting one. Remember, if you
can pretend to be someone you are not, so can
everyone else.

Make sure your screen name doesn’t reveal too
much about you.
Including your real name,
school or hometown in your screen name can be dangerous. It doesn’t take a genius to piece together clues to find out who you are and where you live. For
example, PradaPrincess is good. CanmoreChris ...
not so much.
Use privacy settings to restrict who can access your personal info. Almost all social networking sites, like Facebook and MySpace, have security settings to protect you from sick-minded pervs. Make use of them and keep your personal info for the people you know and trust. Suggest to your friends that they up their security settings, too.

Only post info and photos you’d be comfortable with anyone seeing.
Once a photo or a story is posted online you can’t take it back. And who knows whose hands they could end up in: your parents, principal, even a potential employer. For grandma’s sake, don't post personal info or pics online.
no name
no pictures
no address
no phone numbers
no school
no clubs or teams
no passwords
no user names
no secret meetings