profile of a pervert
When you hear the word pervert what comes to mind? In reality,
there's no such thing as a typical pervert. A perv can be 60 or 16.
A social outcast or the most popular guy in your school. And he
might even be a she.
This much is certain. All pervs have one thing in common—sick minds. Here are some of the sick
things they do:

Spend a lot of time online looking for teens they can control.

Patiently build your trust and 'groom' you. Sometimes they don't make a move for weeks or even months.

Make money by selling photos and videos of kids and teens on Internet porn networks.

Lie about their age, gender, appearance, address, job, school, friends, sports—anything to fool you into
trusting them.

Use Internet lingo in chat rooms and IM to pretend they are teens just like you.

Make you erase conversations. That way if there's trouble, adults or police won't have any evidence of what they've
been up to.

Pretend to have the same interests as you, like the same sports, clothes, music and stuff.

Gradually try to get you off public chat rooms to private conversations or meet you in person.

Try to get you to tell them about your family, friends, school, what you like to do and where you hang out.

Start acting gross. They might talk dirty to you and ask you to perform sex acts or send them sexual photos of

Ask you to use a webcam so they can record your actions and sell it for money or show it to others.