predator tactics
Internet perverts think they are pretty smart.
Here's how they work:
Try to convince you that your family doesn't love you. They'll shower you with compliments and call you nicknames like "honey" or "beautiful" so that you'll feel good about yourself.
Stop you from telling on them
by saying they love you or that
they will hurt you.
Try to get you to do sexual stuff or have cyber sex. They
may ask you to wear certain underwear or send sexual photos.
One pervert sent out 5,000 emails saying he would give cigarettes
and booze to anyone that would show him a good time.
Some perverts say they'll mail you
wrapped in something like a teen
magazine. That is just a trick to get your
home address so they can find you.
Promise you
money for sexy
Get you to talk about personal
like your relationship with
your parents.
Start asking you about school, family
& other personal information.
They may
offer you gifts like money and webcams to
get you to tell them where you live.
Start an online friendship with you. Some pretend to be a kid who needs help,
a friend of a friend or someone who goes to your school.
Try to find out if your
computer is in your room

so they can't get caught.
Try to meet you. They'll probably
even offer to pay for your airline
seat, or gas. Some might want to
assault you or even kidnap you.
Start talking about
things like kissing,

then get into more
serious sex talk.