Métis Settlements

Métis Settlements Child and Family Services
#210, 10335-172 Street
Edmonton AB  T5S 1K9
Phone: 780‑427‑1033
Fax: 780‑415‑0177

Authority Vision Statement

#Kakiyaw niwitaskimakanananhk kwayask kakwiy nisokamatowak, sakitowak, asci kistimitowak macika kwayask kakiyaw nikapimastisinan#

#All people in our Communities value, love, respect and support each other in wellness#

Branches to the Future...

Metis Settlement logo

#From Strong Roots of the Past

Office Locations

Edmonton Office
#210, 10335-172 Street
Edmonton, AB T5S 1K9
Phone: 780‑427‑1033
Fax: 780‑415‑0177

St. Paul Sub-Office
Box 401
Provincial Building
St. Paul, AB T0A 3A0
Phone: 780‑645‑6227
Fax: 780‑645‑6385

High Prairie Sub-Office
Box 1027
5226-53 Avenue
Provincial Building
High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0
Phone: 780‑523‑6717
Fax: 780‑523‑0065

Paddle Prairie Métis Settlement
Box 131
Paddle Prairie, AB T0H 2W0
Phone: 780‑981‑8000
Fax: 780‑981‑8002

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