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OPT Quarterly Progress Reports

As part of Human Services’ response to the Auditor General’s recommendations to improve the Office of the Public Trustee (OPT), the Associate Minister of Services for Persons with Disabilities provided quarterly progress reports in 2013 to demonstrate transparency and a commitment to rebuilding public confidence in the OPT.

  • Progress Report to December 31, 2013
  • Progress Report to September 30, 2013
  • Progress Report to June 30, 2013
  • Progress Report to March 31, 2013

The Public Trustee has been undergoing a transformational change to support the specific operational changes required to address the recommendations in the Office of the Auditor General’s report and to instill long-term sustainable change within the organization.

Specifically, the Public Trustee developed a new Vision and Mission, is building a strategic leadership culture within the organization, has enhanced accountability, improved risk management and improved staff training. In addition, the internal audit department was moved out of the Office of the Public Trustee and placed it into the Corporate Finance division to enhance independence.

Modified: 2014-06-24
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