Transfer of Services Between Regions


To provide information about accessing services when moving from one region of the province to another.


Individuals funded by the PDD Program who initiate a move between regions continue to be supported in this process. The PDD program will provide reasonable access and portability across regions in the delivery of services to adults with developmental disabilities. The PDD program will work in partnership with Individuals and their families or guardians to ensure that this process is smooth and service delivery is timely and responsive to needs.

Transfer of Services Guidelines

  • Individuals continue to be eligible for PDD program-funded supports when a move is made from one region to another;
  • All PDD regions offer access to a range of services:
  • Home Living Supports;
  • Employment Supports;
  • Community Access Supports;
  • Specialized Community Supports.

Regions will continue to offer supports and services individuals need when they move from one region to another.

Individuals are asked to inform PDD of their intention to relocate as soon as possible to facilitate uninterrupted supports and services.

Legislative Authority

Created: 2013-04-01
Modified: 2015-02-25
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