Program Purpose


To provide an overview of the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Program.


Legislative Authority

The Minister is responsible for the PDD program policy. The PDD program policy is developed and delivered under the authority of the Persons with Developmental Disabilities Services Act. The Act identifies the following in relation to the provision of supports and services to adult Albertans with developmental disabilities:

  • the people of Alberta honour and respect the dignity and equal worth of adults with developmental disabilities;
  • it is important that adults with developmental disabilities have opportunities to exercise self-determination and to be fully included in community life;
  • the individual needs of adults with developmental disabilities are most effectively met through the provision of services that are based on equitable opportunity, funding and access to resources;
  • the Government of Alberta recognizes, values and supports communities responding to the needs of adults with developmental disabilities; and
  • the Government has ongoing responsibility to ensure the provision of programs, resources and services to adults with developmental disabilities.

PDD’s Mission Statement

The PDD program works with others to support adults with developmental disabilities to be included in community life and to be as independent as possible.

Program Overview

The PDD Program funds, monitors and evaluates the provision of services for Individual Albertans with developmental disabilities. These services supplement the support of family, friends and community members, and assist Individuals to live as independently as they can in the community. The PDD Program works with Individuals, their representatives and families, community members and service providers to provide supports throughout Alberta.

Services are provided to support Individuals in their home, work, and social environments based on individual need. The PDD Program funds four types of services:

The PDD program provides Individuals with opportunities to exercise self-determination. Individuals are the primary source for identifying the type of management and delivery of community-based services that best suit their needs.

There are three ways services can be provided:

PDD regional staff will meet with the Individual and/or their guardian to identify the Individual’s service and support needs and complete the PDD Outcome Plan. The PDD Outcome Plan will identify the types of PDD-funded services to be provided to the Individual and the desired service outcomes.

The service provider and/or Family Managed Services (FMS) Administrator will lead the development of an Individual Support Plan in a collaborative process with the Individual/guardian and their support team. The Individual Support Plan will be provided to PDD regional staff by the service provider and/or FMS Administrator not later than three months following the commencement of services.

Some Individuals, due to their disability, have legal representatives that act on their behalf in certain areas of their lives as defined in their Guardianship Order. An Individual may be represented by a guardian or trustee under the Adult Guardian and Trusteeship Act or an agent under the Personal Directives Act.

The PDD Program promotes supports and services that are responsive and flexible to Individuals, families, guardians, agents, and their communities. Recognizing the diversity of geographic boundaries among PDD regions, the PDD program ensures Individuals have reasonable access to the same or similar types of services across regions.

Legislative Authority

Created: 2013-08-15
Modified: 2015-02-25
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