Program Delivery


To provide an overview of program delivery in the PDD Program.


The PDD program provides a number of services directly to Individuals. These include:

  • Information on services available to persons with developmental disabilities from the PDD Program, other Ministries and within the community;
  • Assessment of eligibility for the PDD Program;
  • Identification of Individual service and support needs;
  • Referral;
  • Funding, and
  • Monitoring of services according to the PDD Service Plan and Individual Support Plan.

Information on who to contact for further information on the PDD Program is available through each of the regions.

The majority of services funded through the PDD Program are delivered by community service providers. These community service providers must be approved by the PDD region in which they are operating. Community service providers must meet financial and legal requirements, as well as maintain compliance with standards approved by the Minister. These requirements are in place to ensure the provision of quality and accountable services through contracted service providers.

A list of community service providers operating in each region is available on the PDD website.

Legislative Authority

Created: 2013-08-15
Modified: 2015-02-25
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