Administration Expenditures

Staffing costs for management and administrative support staff; Administrative office costs (office supplies and services, property, automobile and professional insurances, bank charges, postage, printing, advertising, accounting and audit fees, library resources, board expenses); and Operating costs (office rent or mortgage interest on administration office, utilities, equipment leases, business mileage for administrative staff only, business taxes, membership and accreditation fees, staff development, licensing).


Means a person designated in a personal directive to make personal decisions on behalf of the maker.


Process that allows the Individual affected by a decision made by the PDD Director to receive and independent assessment of their situation and a final decision.

Business Day

8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mountain Standard or Daylight savings Time, as the case may be, from Monday through Friday excluding holidays observed by Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Alberta.

Business Records

All records created by the service provider that are related exclusively to the business operations of the service provider including but not limited to employee and payroll information.

Change Request

A written request from the Family Managed Services (FMS) Administrator or the service provider to the PDD Director to consider whether the contract amount needs to be changed as a result of any material changes or proposed material changes to the services.

Collateral Authorities

Other jurisdictions or bodies responsible for zoning, building, fire and health that are used to ensure that the residence complies with the PDD Safety Standards

Complex Service Needs

Those individuals who are eligible for PDD supports and pose a significant risk and/or are destructive to themselves, others or property. They require intensive services and have, or have had a history of one or more of the following diagnoses or life experiences: A mental health disorder; difficulty accessing appropriate supports and/or service termination(s); specialized treatment for psychiatric and/or behavioural issues; multi-system involvement; incarceration(s) or criminal justice involvement; and/or chronic substance abuse/dependency problems.

Consolidated Financial Statements

The fiscal year-end financial statements prepared for a company or other organization in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles in a form acceptable to the Board and includes at least the following: A balance sheet, which shows assets and liabilities at year-end; A statement of income, which shows the results of operations for the year; A statement of retained earnings, which summarizes changes in equity during the year; A statement of cash flows, which shows operating, investing, and financing activities, and how these activities affect the cash position; and Notes to financial statements, which are an integral part of financial statements and which provide additional explanations and details concerning financial statement items.


A contractor is the person or corporation the PDD Director is contracting with. This can be either the FMS Administrator from the Family Managed Service Agreement, the person signing the Service Provider Agreement or the person signing the Memorandum of Agreement.

Developmental Disability

A significant limitation in intellectual capacity and a significant limitation in adaptive skills as defined in section (3) and (4) in the Developmental Disability Regulation.

Family Managed Services

Supports and services that are arranged and managed by the FMS Administrator. This is typically a family member of the Individual with the developmental Disability; These are not supports arranged through a service provider or government operated facility.

FMS Administrator

A designated person responsible and accountable for the provision and monitoring of PDD funded supports when funds are not directly paid to a service provider.


The person named as a guardian in a guardianship order or a person who becomes a guardian under the Adult Guardian and Trusteeship Act.


An adult with a developmental disability who has been determined by the PDD Director to be eligible for PDD funding.

Individual Support Plan

The Individual Support Plan is a document that describes the Individual’s desired personal outcomes and how these outcomes will be achieved through the involvement of a variety of people, services and supports.


A monthly record of services delivered showing detail by Individual, type of services, rate and units of service provided as specified in Schedule B of the Family Managed Service Agreement or Service Provider Agreement.


The Minister determined under section 16 of the Government Organization Act.

Ministerial Directives

A Ministerial directive is any written direction provided to the PDD Director by the Minister. These directions can include priorities and guidelines for Directors on:

  • How they are to carry out their powers and duties;
  • How to co-ordinate the work of the Directors with other public and private bodies; and,
  • How to avoid duplication of effort and expense in the provision of services.

Multi-system Involvement

Multi-system involvement means that Individuals are receiving supports from multiple programs and/or service providers at the same time (e.g. Alberta Health Services, Solicitor General and/or the PDD program).

Ordinarily Residing on a Reserve

Means residing on a reserve, and also includes persons who are away from the reserve, but who were ordinarily resident on-reserve immediatiely preceding their leaving, for the primary purpose of accessing a social service because there is no appropriate comparable social service presently available on-reserve.

Overnight Staffed Living

An Individual resides in a home that is staffed overnight. Other Individuals may also reside in the home and share services. Staff are employees and are not considered part of the household. Individuals in overnight staffed living arrangements may receive services up to 24 hours a day.

PDD Appeal Secretariat

The administrative office responsible for handling appeals and supporting the appeal hearing process.

Permanent Resident

Means a person who has acquired permanent resident status and not subsequently lost that status under section 46 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Permitted Subcontractor

A subcontractor of the FMS Administrator or the service provider that has been approved by the PDD Director to provide PDD funded services under the Agreement.

Person-Centred Approach

A person-centred approach focuses on the Individual and what is important to them, not on their condition or disability. This approach places the person at the centre of planning and their service(s), and supports them to be involved in making decisions about their life. This approach ensures that the Individual’s voice, choices, needs and goals are understood by all involved; and provides the Individual with greater control, choice and self-determination.

Planned Positive Procedures

Interventions that address behaviour(s) of concern through a developed plan and are developed when a behaviour of concern is anticipated (i.e. likely to occur again). Planned positive procedures may include interventions such as modifying an Individual’s physical or social environment, teaching skills, reinforcement strategies, and crisis intervention strategies.

Policy Exemptions

The PDD Director can request exemptions to policy from the Executive Director on an individual basis for unique situations.

Prohibited Procedures

Abuse as defined and described in the PDD Abuse Prevention and Response Protocol and/or the Protection for Persons in Care Act.

Protection for Persons in Care Act

Or PPCA is legislation that promotes the safety of adults in care, by requiring you to report incidents where you have reasonable and probable grounds to suspect that there is, or has been, abuse against an Individual.

Qualified Auditor

A certified independant auditor registered according to the Regulated Accounting Profession Act (Alberta)

Qualified Person

A qualified person may be a registered psychologist with relevant training and experience in behavioural management, or a person with at least two years of relevant training that includes behavioural supports and a minimum of three years of practical experience in behavioural supports.

Quality Assurance Standards

Service standards as issued or approved by the Minister of Human Services, as amended from time to time.


Includes the Individuals records such as reports, files, logs or case notes, medical reports, incident reports or agreements created as a result of services in contracts. As defined in FOIP and includes information in any form, including notes, images, audiovisual recordings, x-rays, books, documents, maps, drawings, photographs, letters, vouchers and papers and any other information that is written, photographed, recorded or stored in any manner. Does not include software or any mechanism that produces records and does not include Business Records.


Tract of land, the legal title to which is held by the Crown, set apart for the use and benefit of an Indian band.

Respite Support

Temporary relief for caregivers and families from the total care and supervisory demands of the Individual with a developmental disability by way of a caregiver that provides support and supervision either in the support home or outside the support home. Staffing that support the Individual that provides a break for primary caregivers on a temporary basis in the Individual's home or at another home; and supports the Individual in personal management, home management, social interaction and personal wellness.

Restrictive Approach

Least intrusive unplanned response to addressing an unanticipated behaviour of concern that requires an immediate response to ensure the safety of the Individual or others, or to prevent significant property damage.

Service Delivery Expenditures

Staffing for supervision of Services staff (but not administrative staff); Program expenses (such as staff admission for events with the Individual and supplies for Individual training materials); and Staff travel costs in provision of the Services.

Service Provider

A person or organization that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities pursuant to funding allocated by PDD.

Service Provider Agreement

A legal document establishing the contract relationship between the PDD Director and the service provider outlining the terms and conditions within the individualized arrangements.

Situation(s)/Behaviour(s) of Concern

Situation(s) or behaviour(s) that pose a significant risk and/or are destructive to the Individual, others, or cause property damage.

Support Home

A home where an Individual with a developmental disability typically shares with a roommate or family.

Unit of Service

One hour of service delivered to the Individual; An Individual cannot be allocated more than 24 units per day; Hourly units apply to all services.

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