Employment Supports


To describe the services available through Employment Supports for Individuals to gain and maintain paid employment.


Employment Supports provide funding to train Individuals for employment and provide workplace support for the purpose of maintaining paid employment. Funded Employment Supports are based on the Individual’s identified service and support needs and reflected in the PDD Service Plan.

There are a variety of options available in Employment Supports.

Employment preparation assists Individuals in developing specific skills and knowledge for the purpose of obtaining paid employment. This may include training, inclusive post-secondary education, work-experience, career exploration and job search/development.

Employment placement assists Individuals with maintaining paid employment. This assistance may include on-the-job support to help the Individual meet employer expectations and/or the development of a work environment that supports the Individual.

To qualify as paid employment, the employer/employee relationship must exist and the Alberta Employment Standards Code applies.

Legislative Authority

Created: 2013-08-15
Modified: 2015-02-25
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