Contractor Selection


To describe the process for selecting a contractor.


The process for selecting a contractor should be as transparent as possible, with sufficient documentation on file to back up the decision.

Selection Criteria and Evaluations

Criteria that will be used to select and evaluate contractor proposals must be defined before proposals are solicited.

A description of the selection criteria must be included in the solicitation tool (for example – RFP, advertisement).

These criteria cannot be changed unless all affected parties can be informed of the change, in writing, in sufficient time to amend their proposals before any closing date for submission.

Evaluations of all proposals received must include:

  • A documented assessment of the proposals against the pre-determined criteria;
  • An overall assessment made with consideration based on price, quality of proposal, and qualifications and expertise of the contractor;
  • An award being made to the most qualified bidder. If the most qualified bidder has not proposed the lowest cost among those evaluated, appropriate documentation must be retained justifying the selection.

Business Case

As most services for Individuals with developmental disabilities are funded through sole sourced contracts, contractors are not typically selected through a competitive process. For those contractors who are long-term, sole sourced contractors for the PDD Program, the rationale for contracting with the particular contractor must be documented through a business case approach at least every three years.

The business case will include any information that the PDD Program feels is relevant to this decision, including, but not limited to:

  • The results the contractor is expected to achieve for PDD-eligible Individuals;
  • The services that are being purchased to achieve those results;
  • The anticipated cost of services;
  • An assessment of the contractors record in delivering services, achieving results for Individuals, and providing value for money;
  • A decision as to whether, based on the business case documentation, a sole sourcing relationship should continue.

Contracts Involving Individuals

Contracts with Individuals are acceptable only if the contracted work can be performed without PDD imposing employer-employee type restrictions upon the contractor.

Legislative Authority

Created: 2013-08-16
Modified: 2016-11-30
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