Contract Management, Monitoring and Administration


To describe how contracts are managed, monitored and administered.



Any changes to original contracts require completion of a formal amendment agreement and must be signed before the expiration of the original contract. Amendments can include any or all of the following:

  • Any increase in the dollar value of the contract;
  • A change in the work to be performed. Such instances can include:
    • Extra work, if the contract does not contain a provision contemplating such work may be performed,
    • A change in the nature or timing of the deliverables,
    • Amendments to the Terms and Conditions of the contract (such as ownership, insurance, indemnity, etc);
  • A change in the term of the contract.


The PDD Program staff is responsible for monitoring and administering the contract to ensure that work is proceeding in accordance with the contract terms and that progress billings, if any, relate to the work performed to date. Contractor performance should be monitored by inspection, contractor reporting or independent review. Payment will be made only after verifying that contract conditions have been met.


After the contract has been completed, the PDD regional staff will assess the results of the contract against its initial objectives and evaluate the contract process. The level of evaluation will depend on the type of contract.

Legislative Authority

Created: 2013-08-19
Modified: 2015-02-25
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