To describe the objectives of the Contract Administration Policy.


The PDD program contracts for goods and services through standard government contracting processes. A contract is a legal agreement executed by an authorized employee of the PDD Program on behalf of the Crown. A contract is used when there is a need to identify in writing each party’s responsibility, including their rights and obligations in the event of damage, default or loss. This policy covers important information to consider when contracting for goods and services.

The Ministry has committed itself to the following practices:

  • to acquire the desired services and results from the qualified contractor who offers the best balance between quality of service and value for money;
  • to purchase results (such as observable/measurable achievements and tangible deliverables) rather than a contractor’s time and effort whenever possible;
  • to consider project and contractor related risks so as to minimize the PDD Program’s exposure to liability;
  • to adequately document all assessments and decisions made throughout the contracting process;
  • to establish responsibilities for delivering the desired results of the project and of assuming the associated risks;
  • to solicit and award contracts in accordance with Government of Alberta best practices, legislation, policy, and the relevant trade agreements.

Most of the PDD program’s contracting activity relates to the acquisition of services for eligible Individuals. Because contracts for this purpose relate directly to PDD’s program delivery responsibilities, contract selection is typically managed through a sole source process. See Contract Solicitation Policy.

Legislative Authority

Created: 2013-08-16
Modified: 2016-11-30
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