Community Service Provider


To describe funding to Community Service Providers.


The PDD Program provides funding by contracting directly with approved community service providers to manage the delivery of services to Individuals.

The community service provider will lead the development of an Individual Support Plan in a collaborative process with the Individual/guardian and their support team. The Individual/guardian’s support team will include the Individual, the Individual’s parents/family members, PDD regional staff, the service provider(s), support staff and any other relevant stakeholders. The Individual Support Plan will be provided to PDD regional staff by the community service provider no later than three months following the commencement of services (see Service Design and Planning).

PDD regional staff will monitor provision of the PDD-funded services as described in the Individual Support Plan to ensure alignment and facilitation of service outcomes identified in the PDD Service Plan.

Services and service outcomes as outlined in the PDD Service Plan are funded through a contract relationship between PDD and the community service provider. This contract is called the Service Provider Agreement.

Community service providers must be approved by the PDD Director and are required to meet contractual requirements contained in the Service Provider Agreement. For more information on becoming an approved community service provider please contact the PDD region.

Legislative Authority

Created: 2013-08-16
Modified: 2015-02-25
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