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Christian is a 17 year old boy

Christian, born in 2005, is a slim young person with fair skin, blue-green eyes and light brown hair.  Sociable and generally happy, he is energetic, curious, and enthusiastic about his interests.
He loves art projects and crafting, chatting about music, learning new skills to become more independent and spending one on one time with those he cares about and who care about him.
Christian attends a modified school program where the curriculum is tailored to his capacities.  School remains a very positive environment for him, and he enjoys putting forth his best efforts.  He likes to read, and works hard to make gains with his spelling and writing skills.  The highly structured program suits Christian, as it helps him to feel successful, stay on task and achieve his learning goals.
A family with two parents, where he could be the only or youngest child in the home would be best.  Skilled and experienced parents, who are able to provide a high level of support and supervision in caring for this young person are also important factors in meeting his needs.  As with school, a home with structure and predictability in routines is comforting for Christian. He responds particularly well to positive reinforcement, clear expectations and rewards for good behavior. A commitment to ensuring he is connected to specialized educational, medical and behavioral resources now and into adulthood will see this sweet boy thrive.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Feb 23, 2022

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