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Christian is a 14 year old boy

Christian, born in 2005, has fair skin, green eyes and light brown hair. Christian is a sociable young fellow who seeks companionship and enjoys receiving attention from others. Christian enjoys tactile play materials, arts and crafts, and playing outside.  Singing and dancing to music of all genres is one of his favorite pastimes. 

Christian has shown great success through attending a highly modified school program with a supportive environment. This is one of the most positive elements in his life. With a highly structured program, Christian is able to stay on task with his school work, loves reading books and coloring. He also loves listening to stories!

Christian requires a home with two parents and where he could be the only child. He needs an adoptive family with strong parenting skills and who are committed to providing continuous supervision.  Christian thrives in a structured environment with a routine schedule. He responds well to a reward system and the use of positive reinforcement. A family able to ensure access and connection to long-term specialized educational, medical and behavioral resources would see him reach his maximum potential. Christian is a happy boy with unique gifts who deserves a permanent home ready to treasure him!

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Feb 27, 2019

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