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Sarah is a 14 year old girl

Sarah, born in 2004, is a sweet young girl with lots of personality!  She has an infectious smile that complements her love of laughter and sense of humor.  Sarah likes to stay active with has a wide variety of interests that keep her easily engaged.  Examples include coloring, swimming, doing puzzles, riding her bike, bowling, and going to the park.  A quiet and calm environment is the most comfortable for her, and she finds the greatest pleasure spending time cooking and baking in the kitchen.  

Sarah attends a specialized school program, where she receives focused assistance to progress in her development.  She enjoys school, works hard, and always tries to do her best.   The support she receives allows for consistent gains in her ability to communicate, develop independence skills, and progress with behaviors.  Both at school and at home, Sarah responds best within a structured and consistent environment.  Hands-on learning is the best way for Sarah to acquire new skills and work towards attaining her fullest potential. 

Sarah requires a skilled and loving adoptive family who can provide her with lots of patience, calm, understanding, and predictability.  This endearing young girl would adapt to either a single or two parent home, and would be pleased to have school-aged siblings in the home with her.  As she will benefit from specialized services now and in the future, her adoptive family should be able to ensure she is connected to the resources she will need.  Continued contact with her siblings is important to her, and so a willingness to nurture these connections will be important for her.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Mar 28, 2018

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