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Braeden is a 17 year old boy

Braeden is a kind and friendly young person, whose smile reveals these qualities.  Born in 2002, Braeden’s happy and easygoing nature makes him easy to like and get along with.  He responds well to positive attention, and is well liked by peers and the adults in his life.  Talkative and engaging, he has good social skills and a big heart.  An athletic and “sporty” youth, he enjoys activities such as basketball, baseball, badminton, and hockey.  In his leisure time, you can find him hanging out with his friends, playing video-games, or engaging his artistic talents by drawing or painting.  

School has always been a positive environment for Braeden, as shown by his consistent efforts to do well, attend, and be fully engaged.  The social element has always been a pleasure, and his favorite classes are gym and art!   He has always applied himself to his learning objectives, and benefits from a modified program that is tailored to offer a greater level of support in achieving his goals.  As would be expected given his appealing personality and general kindness, he is a popular student with both his peers and teachers.

Braeden is a youth who would contribute so many positives to the family that embraces him.  A single parent or two parent family that can offer him commitment, acceptance, and a loving support network through his adolescence and adulthood would be an incredible gift.  Other children in the home, be they older or younger, would be welcome, as would pets!  His adoptive family should be prepared to ensure he is connected to resources necessary to supporting his growth and independence.  Maintaining as he does some important birth family relationships, a willingness to ensure some contact is facilitated would be important to him and his well-being.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Oct 31, 2018

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