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Rollen is a 7 year old boy

Rollen, born in 2015, is an affectionate and loving youngster with dark blond hair and blue eyes. Full of enthusiasm, this sweet boy is not afraid to demonstrate when he is happy.  Rollen loves the outdoors where he can go for walks, jump in puddles or play in water.  He enjoys story time and one of his favourite activities is organizing various items into neat little rows. 

Rollen attends a specialized school program where he enjoys the predictable nature of the routine.  As an eager learner, he responds well with additional supports to help him achieve his learning goals.  His teachers are pleased with his progress as they continue to support his learning style.

Rollen is a wonderful child who will thrive in an affectionate and compassionate two-parent home with or without children.  He would also do best in a home without dogs.  This youngster will benefit from a family that can provide good structure and predictable routine, tempered with flexibility, patience and nurturance.  A family committed to accessing resources now and in the future would be key to providing him with a solid emotional base.  A family that is open to keeping connections with his extended family would also be in his best interests.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Mar 16, 2022

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