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Kaleb is a 11 year old boy

Kaleb, born in 2010, is a friendly and engaging child with dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a caring personality.  He is a happy, playful youngster who is sensitive to the feelings of others.  Kaleb has a good sense of humour and enjoys an  upbeat environment.

Kaleb enjoys learning about nature, especially if it includes anything to do with birds or sea creatures.  His real passion however, is learning about dinosaurs.  Kaleb can often be found doing research about these topics on the internet or in books.   Other favourite pastimes of Kaleb’s include going swimming, riding his bike, playing basketball, soccer and being creative.  With his vivid imagination Kaleb loves being able to create beautiful art projects.

Kaleb is in a modified school program.  With his regular schedule, routine, and determination, Kaleb is able to work towards staying on task so that he can achieve his learning goals. Kaleb enjoys school and is well-liked by his teachers and classmates.

Kaleb would do best in a two parent family with either no children or much older children, as this type of family make-up will offer him the individual attention, ongoing nurturing, routine, and guidance that he needs.  A family with strong parenting skills, patience, and the ability to reinforce what an amazing boy he is would be ideal. This affectionate and sensitive youngster will do best in a family who has the ability to access specialized services now and in the future as necessary.  They should also be committed and willing to ensure continued contact with his siblings and extended family as they are extremely important to Kaleb.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: May 04, 2022

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