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Olivia is a 10 year old girl

Olivia, born in 2011, is a happy, sociable child with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. She enjoys being around people and can often be seen sharing her beautiful smile with others. Olivia enjoys swimming, watching other children playing, and watching children’s music videos. She loves being taken for walks and being involved with others. Olivia is currently in a specialized school program with a non-academic focus.
Olivia requires a nurturing and affectionate adoptive family with an ability to commit to ensuring her medical needs and daily living aids can be consistently met. In addition to her medical needs, Olivia also requires a family that would maintain her birth family connections. 
A two parent household would be ideal, with or without other children.   As a child who will require specialized services now and throughout her life, a family able and willing to learn about her needs and how to meet these is necessary. Dedicating the time to maximizing her physical wellbeing will be essential and will involve regular access to specialized services now and in the future. Although Olivia will require attentive care, this engaging child will bring a great deal of joy and reward to the family fortunate enough to embrace her.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Feb 10, 2021

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