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Austin (07) is a 12 year old boy

Austin, born in 2007, is a kind-hearted and caring youngster.  He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and an engaging smile.  He thrives best in calm environments that have predictable routines and structure.  Austin has a great imagination and loves to tell stories or talk about his superheroes or action figures.  Some of the activities Austin enjoys are riding his bike, going swimming and spending time outside.  He loves to run and climb and he also has a knack for obstacle courses!  Austin has said that he has future aspirations of joining gymnastics.  He enjoys travel and hopes to do more of this in the future.


Austin currently attends a specialized school program where the main goal is for him to gradually integrate into the regular classroom.  He enjoys school and can achieve success with a supportive learning environment which keeps him focused on his educational goals.  He is described as a “joy” to have in the classroom and is helpful to other children in his class. 


An active, skilled, patient and supportive two-parent or single parent family with either older children or no children would be best suited for this youngster.  Relationships are a key to Austin and it is important to him that the family he joins values the relationship he has with his siblings and that they are committed to helping that to continue.  He would benefit from a family who can provide him with the attention and guidance he needs to thrive so that together they can celebrate his strengths and accomplishments.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Feb 12, 2020

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