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Layton is a 8 year old boy

Layton, born in 2010, is a bright young boy with white blonde hair and blue eyes. This kind, intelligent and confident child loves playing a good game of Monopoly or building with Lego.  With his unique and outgoing personality, Layton loves having lengthy conversations about the world that are insightful and thoughtful.
Layton is an active youngster who loves to play video games, swim, play on the swings at the park or pretend he is part of the “zombie apocalypse”.  He enjoys baking as he is great in following directions and stirring up all the ingredients!  One of his favourite activities is being able to have his “before and after school snuggle” which is part of his regular routine.
Layton is presently attending a specialized school program where he receives focused support for attentional and behavioral needs.  Visually impaired, he benefits and thrives best on knowing his daily schedule and routines.  He looks forward to going to school each day and they report that he is doing well and is a pleasure to have in class.  
Layton is a wonderful child who will thrive in an affectionate and compassionate two parent home that can provide good structure and routine, tempered with flexibility, patience and nurturance.  This child will benefit from strong advocates who will ensure that his development is monitored now and into the future. He would do best in a home where he can be an only child or the youngest by a number of years so that he can be provided the individual attention he cherishes.  A family that will facilitate access between Layton and his extended family is essential.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Dec 12, 2018

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