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Koert is a 6 year old boy

Koert, born in 2012, is a handsome youngster with brown hair, hazel eyes, and a bright smile.   A social child who is usually very happy, he likes to be around other children and the adults in his life.  He has an empathetic nature, and when he can tell someone is upset, he tries to make them feel better.  Easily engaged, he likes to go on outings in the car, play at the park, watch educational shows on his tablet, color, do puzzles, and play with toy trains.  Adaptable and curious, he is happy to try new activities.  He can get frustrated when he cannot make himself fully understood, but being adaptable, his upsets are usually short-lived and easily redirected.  

Koert is currently in a mainstream classroom setting, with the assistance of a dedicated aide.  Support at school is provided to help him manage transitions, maintain task focus, moderate his behavior, and to develop his communication skills.  He loves going to school, where his learning objectives are modified, and he puts in consistently cheerful and diligent effort.  He enjoys being around his peers, and delights in making them laugh.  The teachers and support staff all like this endearing boy, and appreciate him trying his best to be a good listener.  He does well when provided with clear instruction and realistic expectations. 

This loveable little boy would do well within a single parent or two parent home where he might be the youngest child, and where he would receive lots of one on one attention, patience, and loving care.  As a child who will require supports and services to meet his potential, Koert’s family will need to ensure he gets the benefit of specialized resources now and as he gets older.  A commitment to maintaining a connection to his birth parents will also be important and appropriate for him.  

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Nov 28, 2018

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