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Chelsea is a 14 year old girl

Chelsea, born in 2004, is a lovely youngster with a bright smile and outgoing disposition.  Athletic and energetic, she enjoys gymnastics and dance, and uses these skills in her participation with her school’s cheer team.  Chelsea has a great sense of fun, and likes to connect with others by joking around.  She is an articulate and goal-oriented young person with a strong sense of herself and what she wants out of life.

While the morning wakeup routine can be a struggle, school is a positive place for Chelsea!  She succeeds at an honor’s level in a modified school program, and is involved in extra-curricular activities.  Should she continue to make the great progress she has, Chelsea will be transitioned into a regular school program over the coming academic year.  As is true for her in a home environment, the structure, predictability and consistency of the school environment helps her to be at her best.

Chelsea wants a forever family, and is flexible about what this might look like.  She is open to either a single or two parent family, a family who might or might not practice a faith, and one where she either has siblings or where she might be the only child.  The important factor for her is a family who provides her with a sense of belonging and who will always care about her.  A family who can help her maintain connections with the important people in her life, and who can provide her with good boundaries, patience, and loving acceptance would be ideal for this spirited and outgoing girl!

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Sep 19, 2018

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