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Taneka is a 11 year old girl

Taneka, born in 2008, is a kind and well-mannered young girl with dark curly hair, and brown eyes.  She has a generally quiet and reserved nature, and so can present as shy.  Give her time and patience though, and her social side comes out with lots of conversation and chattiness.  Taneka plays well with other children, but is equally content to recharge on her own and enjoying quiet time.  At these times you can find her crafting, coloring, or doing puzzles.  She is not a child that is difficult to engage in activity given her many interests,  which include a love of swimming, singing, dancing, skating, baking, playing outdoors, and riding her bicycle!  She loves animals, but supervision is a good idea to keep interactions happy and positive.
Taneka enjoys school where she receives the support of an educational assistant in meeting her learning goals.  She has made great gains in her behavior, ability to focus on tasks, and with her communications skills.  Dedicated supervision and patient support in her school environment help her adjust to routines and manage transitions.  She is a well liked student for her sweet disposition and consistent efforts.
This lovely young girl is waiting for a devoted family to call her own.  A two parent home with older children or where she can be the only child would suit her well.  Parents who have patience, reasonable expectations, nurturing spirits, and can support her needs now and as she moves into adulthood would be wonderful.  A commitment to ensuring she maintains meaningful connections to her siblings is essential. 

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Feb 20, 2019

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