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Waylon is a 16 year old boy
Rylie is a 14 year old boy




Waylon and Rylie are well-bonded brothers who are happy and full of life! They enjoy spending time together playing video games, doing sports, and going to visit their grandmother. These endearing boys would do well in an energetic and loving family who can provide them with close supervision, guidance, and support into adulthood.

Waylon, born in 2003, is a social youngster with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a happy and talkative youth who enjoys video gaming as well as playing football, basketball and badminton. Waylon’s favorite things include going swimming, anything to do with cars, helping with meal preparation, and entertaining the people around him with stories. He has identified his hope for a mom and a dad who live on a farm so that he may have animals to look after, and space to ride quads, snowmobiles, and motorbikes with them and his brother. Waylon attends a specialized school program with supports and routine so that he can achieve his goals for success. Waylon is very well-liked by his teachers who indicate he is a pleasure to have at school. The social aspect of school is particularly fun for Waylon as he likes being with his friends.

Rylie, born in 2005, is an energetic and friendly boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He loves being active and enjoys being able to participate in sports. Like his brother Waylon, Rylie enjoys playing video games, football, and basketball. Rylie also enjoys swimming and benefiting from his brother’s efforts in the kitchen! Rylie attends a school program where his curriculum is modified so that he can be most successful in reaching his learning goals. He receives support for social skill development as well as emotional and academic growth. He is recognized as a respectful and hardworking student with a great sense of humor!

These deserving young brothers are waiting for the opportunity to be raised together within a loving and committed family of their own. They would do best in a two parent family with no children or with older children, where their individual gifts are celebrated, and expectations of them are realistic and reasonable. Patient and energetic parents who can offer the boys structure, consistency, and routine will see the greatest success in becoming a family to these youngsters. A commitment to ensuring they have continued connections with extended family will be essential to their wellbeing.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Sep 26, 2018

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