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Drayson is a 9 year old boy
Chloe is a 7 year old girl

Drayson and Chloe are a loving and appealing twosome.

Drayson, born in 2010, is a handsome, freckle-faced boy who shares his sister’s brown eyes and dark hair. He is a fun, adventurous, kind, compassionate and thoughtful youngster, who is widely described as the “sweetest boy ever”. These lovely traits are evident in his helpfulness at home, in the classroom, and in showing support and caring to the children at school who have special needs.  Much like Chloe, Drayson is an energetic child who enjoys sports and activities such as basketball, swimming, bike riding, and playing outdoors with his friends.  In the warmer months, he loves to go camping and fishing best of all.    As a smart and enthusiastic learner, Drayson loves school where his favorite subjects are math, science and gym.  He has great curiosity, and can be counted on to ask complex questions that challenge his teachers. 

Chloe, born in 2012, is a cute little girl with big brown eyes and long, dark hair.  She is best described as a social butterfly who makes friends with ease.  Bubbly, friendly and energetic, she has a joyful spirit that is a pleasure to be around.  Chloe’s strong social skills and assertive personality make her a natural and well-liked leader among her peers.  An athletic child who thrives on keeping busy, she is involved in gymnastics, cheer and dance.  Unstructured time will see her outdoors, bike riding, jumping on the trampoline, singing, and drawing.  A bright and social child, school is nothing but a pleasure for Chloe, where she is achieving capably at grade level.

These lovely and lively children will bring wonderful gifts to the family they are embraced by.  An active and energetic two parent home, where the children will get lots of attention and committed care, would be wonderful.  Other children in the home would be enjoyed, whether older or younger.  Drayson and Chloe have an ongoing and meaningful connection with grandparents, and a commitment to ensuring this continue would be very important.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Nov 06, 2019

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