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Niko is a 15 year old boy

Niko, born in 2006, is a generous and kind youngster.  He has medium blonde hair, blue eyes and an engaging smile.  He thrives best in environments that are predictable and calm and ones where he knows what will happen next.  With his excellent memory, Niko can usually tell if something is out of place or has deviated from the regular routine.  Niko enjoys spending time with those he cares about especially when they can sit with him when he is busy building with one of his favourite toys - Lego.  Some of his other favourite activities include drawing, reading or going on outings with an adult to a museum or the library. 

Niko currently attends a specialized school program where he benefits from a low student to staff ratio, and where he receives a great deal of applied support with his learning and development.  He enjoys school, especially when he is being challenged academically.  Niko has an excellent support team who communicates daily to ensure that he is not missing out on any opportunities to be successful.  His verbal communication skills continue to show steady growth.

An active, skilled, patient, affectionate, and supportive two parent family with either older children or no children would be best suited for this endearing youngster.  A family who embraces a minimalist lifestyle and can understand, empathize with, and support him in efforts to reach his full potential as well as maintain a connection with his birth family is necessary.  Ensuring he is connected with specialized community resources, both now and as he becomes an adult, will allow him the opportunity for maximum success.     

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Apr 07, 2021

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