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Dakota is a 13 year old girl

Dakota, born in 2005, is an attractive young girl with a bright smile and engaging disposition.  Polite and courteous, she aims to please and be well thought of by others.  She is helpful, and likes to stay busy.  Spending time with her friends, going camping, listening to music, swimming, coloring and writing are all favorite activities.  She has a positive and enthusiastic nature, and is open to trying new things. 

Dakota is in a regular school program where her overall academic performance is good.  She loves language arts, science, and social studies best, requiring a little more support with math and in staying organized!  Her kindness and friendliness ensures she is well-liked by teachers and classmates alike.

This young lady is open to either a female single parent or two parent family, where ideally she could be the youngest child.  She loves animals, particularly dogs and horses, and has expressed a preference for a rural setting.  However, the right family would see her happy living anywhere!  An active family that is able to offer her structure, supervision, and a calm and nurturing parenting approach would see her thrive.  A commitment to keeping her connected to cultural and therapeutic resources would be in this child’s best interests.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Feb 14, 2018

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