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Hannah is a 4 year old girl
Isabella is a 9 year old girl

Sisters, Isabella and Hannah, are bright and engaging youngsters who want to grow up together in a loving, happy home.

Isabella, born in 2010, is a kind and thoughtful young girl.  She is very family-oriented and enjoys nothing more than to spend time with her loved ones.  Drawing, singing, and spending time with others are favorite pastimes.  A predicable routine is her preference and she is very capable of communicating what she needs to be at her best.   She enjoys having and making friends, and benefits from gentle guidance on how to be a good friend.   Isabella does well in school, where she is recognized for her intelligence, strong opinions and energy.  She is said to be a pleasure to have in class.

Hannah, born in 2014, is a confident and social child who likes interacting with the people around her, and also cherishes one on one time with her caregivers.  Happy and adventurous, she makes friends easily and can usually be found leading and directing play!  Hannah has a sweet and thoughtful nature which is demonstrated in a genuine interest and concern about everyone’s day, and the inclusion of all those she cares about in her nightly prayers.  Bright, articulate and active, she has done well at daycare, where she is seen as polite, courteous and friendly.  Kindergarten should be a breeze!

Isabella and Hannah would do well in a two parent home, where Hannah could preferably be the youngest child.   A family that can provide structure, acceptance, lots of love, and who could support them in expressions of their faith would be ideal.  The girls have family connections that are important to them, and a commitment to honoring these relationships now and into the future is essential.  A family open to accessing specialized supports that may benefit the girls development and wellbeing now and moving forward is important.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Sep 25, 2019

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