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Lucas is a 9 year old boy
Nathan is a 7 year old boy
Grace is a 6 year old girl
Emaleigh is a 4 year old girl

Lucas, Nathan, Grace, and Emaleigh are individually and collectively endearing and loveable children!  These closely bonded siblings are waiting for a warm and loving two parent family without children, or where they can be the youngest in the home.

Lucas, born in 2009, is a handsome and outgoing young boy who is full of energy and zest for life!  Smart and inquisitive by nature, he asks lots of questions, enjoys school, and is a strong student who achieves at grade level.  His enthusiasm and focus needs to be directed sometimes, but keeping him busy and engaged is the best strategy.  He enjoys athletic pursuits like swimming, basketball and soccer, and balances this with a love of reading and drawing.  He is a very caring brother to his siblings.

Nathan, born in 2010, has a wide smile, freckles and green eyes.  This youngster is affectionate, sensitive, and is very kind.  Quiet at first, he warms up with familiarity, reassurance, and positive attention.  Much like his brother, Nathan is a busy and active boy who benefits from strategies to increase his focus.  He is a bright child who is beginning to get into the “swing” of school.  He is a good runner, enjoys basketball and soccer, and also likes to sing and dance! 

Grace, born in 2012, is a curious and chatty little girl who loves to play.  She is a gentle and sensitive child who is quiet and reserved with people she does not know, but her friendly and approachable nature shines through when given time to become comfortable.  She enjoys school and is an easy-going and well-liked student in her class.  Grace likes dressing up, sparkly jewelry, painting her nails, and playing princess.  Coloring, writing, looking at books, and working with play-dough are further happy diversions.

Emaleigh, born in 2013, is the baby of the bunch!  Quiet, observant, and initially shy, she has an easygoing and affectionate nature.  She is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle and give hugs.  She gets along well with other children, loves to play, and can be counted on to be helpful by happily volunteering to tidy up and sweep!  Playing with dolls, coloring, and looking at books are favored pastimes.

These bright and adorable children are waiting for a nurturing, active, fun-loving and supportive two parent family to call their own.  A family able to access any necessary services they may need is required, as is a family open to facilitating continued access with extended family.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Feb 20, 2018

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