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Milkesa is a 14 year old boy

Milkesa, born in 2004, is a handsome young man, who takes pride in his appearance, has a slim build and curly, dark brown hair.  This social young person, with a great sense of humour, enjoys interacting with others, especially adults that are willing to engage in conversation with him. 

This very active and athletic young person enjoys a variety of activities.  Milkesa has a passion and talent for both basketball and football, jumping at any opportunity to get extra time on the court or the field.  Other activities that keep him busy are riding his bike, skiing in the winter, going to the local rec centre, playing video games and reading Japanese Anime.  He also likes hanging out with his friends and listening to Hip Hop music.

Milkesa attends a school program that allows for smaller classroom sizes which support students to work on their learning strategies and achieve success.  This charismatic young person, with a determined nature, is well-liked by his teachers who he finds are a source of ongoing support that he can count on.

When asked about his ideal family, Milkesa says that he wants them to be “empathetic”, which is defined as a family who looks to reinforcing the positive behaviours and one that has a willingness to “talk things out”.  He would thrive with a family that can provide the necessary structure that all teens need but at the same time support him when “he is testing the waters”.  Parenting a teen like Milkesa would create opportunities for supportive conversations that will help him in gaining the skills he needs to become a confident and successful young adult.  Milkesa continues to have ongoing contact with his birth parent and siblings, so a family willing to support these connections would be in his best interest.  An active single parent or two parent family with no children or children in their late teens would be ideal.  The family who is fortunate enough to welcome Milkesa into their home will have the opportunity to experience together the multitude of rewards in parenting him through his teen years and into adulthood.   

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Nov 01, 2017

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