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Gabriel is a 9 year old boy

Gabriel, born in 2010, is a handsome little guy with brown hair, brown eyes, and an infectious smile.  Chatty and friendly by nature, he likes people, making friends, and having lively conversation.  He responds really well to positive attention, and likes to please those he cares about.  He loves being active at the park, playing with his toy cars, and going for walks.   

Gabriel attends a specialized school program where he gets support to reach his learning potential and behavioral goals.  He is a visual learner who enjoys opportunities for hands-on experiences, and does best when provided with predictable routines and consistency. When given time and opportunity to develop trust and comfort, Gabriel’s happy and joyful nature emerges, and he will form solid connections.  

The stability and continuity Gabriel would receive in a loving, energetic, patient and fun two parent family would see him thrive and reach his very fullest potential.  A family with a couple of older children in the home would be a good fit as Gabriel responds well to older role models.  Support to this youngster in maintaining ongoing connections to his brothers will be important to his wellbeing.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Oct 24, 2018

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