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Christian is a 11 year old boy

Christian, born in 2006, is a handsome youngster with blue eyes, short dark hair, and a ready smile.  Creative and inquisitive, he likes to learn about the world, and especially rocks and gem stones.   A bright and engaging boy, he is fun to be around and shows his humorous side when with those he trusts and is comfortable.  He enjoys camping, riding his bike and scooter, and has recently enthusiastically taken on the task of learning to swim and dive! 
Christian enjoys school, where he is academically capable and achieves average grades.  Favorite subjects of his include math, science, social studies and art.   He will continue to benefit from support in the school environment to sustain focus, manage his emotions, and build his social skills.  His leadership qualities are recognized, and he is being mentored to assist younger children at recess.  His helpful nature is reflected in his career goal of either being a police officer or social worker!

A two parent adoptive family, with no other children or an older sister, is Christian’s identified ideal.  Active parents with lots of time to spend with him, and who will be patient and accepting of the time he needs to adjust and adapt, will see him flourish and bring joy to his family.  To this end, Christian’s family should be prepared to ensure he is connected to specialized resources that will contribute to his health and wellbeing.  He enjoys an ongoing relationship with a grandparent, and efforts to connect him with siblings would be in his best interests. 

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Sep 20, 2017

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