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Profile for Tyson, Sally-Mae, Dean & Jilien

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Tyson is a 11 year old boy
Sally-Mae is a 10 year old girl
Dean is a 8 year old boy
Jilien is a 4 year old girl

Closely attached and bonded to one another, this sibling group of four needs a forever home that they can call their own.  A fun-loving and patient family who can embrace all four, and yet engage in some individual time and attention with them, would be ideal.

Tyson, born in 2006, is a friendly and polite boy who cares deeply for his younger siblings.  He is most at ease with a gentle approach, positive attention, and being in an environment that is calm and predictable.  Tyson enjoys a consistent routine where he can engage in some of his favorite activities like soccer, swimming, football, archery and Highland Dance.  This youngster, who makes friends easily, is in a regular school program where he is well-liked by his teachers and classmates.

Sally-Mae, born in 2008, is an adorable child who is deeply connected to her siblings, especially her little sister.  Her outgoing and charming personality is evident in her many friendships with children and adults alike.  This gentle young girl with an infectious smile loves engaging in conversations with others.  Sally-Mae is in a regular school program and particularly enjoys creative writing and anything to do with language arts.  In her spare time, Sally-Mae enjoys swimming, doing arts or crafts and Highland Dance, like her brothers.

Dean, born in 2010, is a wonderful little boy who adores his siblings.  Although he can be initially shy, his confidence and comfort surface to reveal an insightful, friendly and caring youngster.  This insightful child with a positive outlook is in a regular school program.  He is well-liked by his teachers and classmates.  Dean enjoys reading, playing soccer, going swimming, and like his two older siblings he is involved in Highland Dance.

Jilien, born in 2014, is the baby of this lovely bunch.  She is a happy, active and talkative little one who tries hard to be understood so that she is not left out of any conversation!  As a child who loves spending time with her older siblings, she is always eager to engage in play or be introduced to new activities.  This well-behaved child with a sweet disposition appears to be doing very well.

Tyson, Sally-Mae, Dean and Jilien would do best in an active, two-parent family with either no other children, or older children in the home.  A family with the ability to be consistent yet flexible would be ideal.  A commitment to connecting these children in a meaningful way to their extended family and heritage would fully meet their needs.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Dec 06, 2017

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