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Anthony is a 10 year old boy
Hunter is a 8 year old boy

Anthony, born in 2007, is a good looking boy with dark brown hair, dark eyes, and a big smile.  His greatest hope is to have a loving “forever” family for himself and his little brother.  While typical sibling rivalry exists, Anthony is deeply attached to his little brother and cannot imagine being without him.  Kind-hearted, gentle, and likeable, he has solid social skills that result in his having lots of friends.  Playing street hockey is a favorite activity of his!  In his regular school program, he shows a good understanding of math and is working to improve his reading skills.  Teachers are very fond of him, seeing him as kind, “soft-hearted”, and polite.

Hunter, born in 2009, is an endearing fellow who also really wants the sense of belonging that adoption will bring.  He shares his brother’s kind and compassionate nature, and has been described as having a “heart of gold” given his tendency to lend an immediate hand to those he perceives may have a disability.  He loves to be helpful and will happily do chores and chip in where needed.  Busy and energetic, Hunter can be impulsive.  He benefits from consistent supervision and support in taking responsibility for his actions.  Lego is a favorite hobby and he shows excellent focus and skill when building.  At school, his reading is at grade level and his math skills are solid.  He can be sidelined by the social, so benefits from support to work independently and remain focused.

A two parent family where these appealing boys can be the youngest would be most suitable, as would a family who can provide both nurturance and structure in equal measure.  An environment where they are given lots of love, consistency, encouragement, and positive reinforcement would be ideal.  A commitment to maintaining their contact with their sibling and some extended family is in their best interests.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Apr 26, 2017

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