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Patrick is a 11 year old boy

Patrick, born in 2006, is an attractive youngster with an average build, dark blonde hair, and blue eyes.  With his bubbly and engaging personality, he enjoys socializing with others.  Always quick to smile, Patrick is a child who has a positive outlook and one who manages to find something good about any situation that crosses his path.  With a desire to please others and help out, this caring and sensitive boy responds favorably to positive attention and encouragement. 
A lover of sports, this energetic youngster, with a competitive edge, is a keen player. Patrick enjoys soccer, street hockey and swimming. When he is wanting some down time from his other activities he enjoys playing with Lego.
Patrick is in a specialized school program where he receives focused support and assistance to help him achieve successes in his development and learning needs.  He enjoys school, is well-liked and is appreciated for his good manners and cooperation.

An active, two parent family, with or without children would be ideal for Patrick.  He is a child who would achieve the best success from involved parents who are willing to be a pillar of support and care for him now and through adulthood.  In addition to this, ongoing contact with his siblings and foster siblings is necessary and important to him.  A patient, understanding family willing to be committed to providing him with the consistency, structure, nurturance and sense of belonging he deserves would be most suitable. 

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Oct 11, 2017

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