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Profile for Joseph, Faith, Rabecca and Claire

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Faith is a 6 year old girl
Rabecca is a 4 year old girl
Claire is a 3 year old girl
Joseph is a 13 year old boy

This closely bonded sibling group of four are in need of a forever home to call their own.  A patient and fun-loving family who can embrace all four, and yet provide individual attention and time to them, is being sought. 

Joseph, born in 2005, is a handsome and polite boy who is very caring and protective of his little sisters.  He enjoys positive attention, a gentle approach, and is most at ease in a calm and predictable environment. Riding his bicycle, playing basketball with his friends, and video-gaming are among his favorite things to do.  Having experienced a significant gap in his school attendance, he is currently within a regular school program where his curriculum is modified to support him reaching grade level.   

Faith, born in 2012, is an adorable little girl with a sweet smile and a soft spoken presentation.  Initially a little shy, her reserve melts quickly to reveal a chatty and charming personality.  Faith is a bright little girl who enjoys playing on the computer and on her tablet, being quite skilled in navigating the technology.  She loves to hold conversations, and show off her knowledge of colors and counting.  Preschool will be a cinch when the time comes!   

Rabecca, born in 2014, is a cute and on-the-go little one.  She loves to play, be it with her siblings, on her tablet, her stuffed animals, or cars and trucks.   She too knows her colors, but is still working on distinguishing between pink and purple!  Rabecca’s vocabulary is growing all the time, and is becoming clearer in her speech as time passes.  An early intervention preschool program will see her thrive.

Claire, born later in 2014 than her sister, is the baby of this lovely bunch.   She is a happy toddler who likes attention and is definite in sharing her preferences.  She loves to get involved in whatever her brother and sisters are doing, and engages with them with particular pleasure.  She has a healthy appetite, loves to climb on things, and appears to be meeting her milestones.

A nurturing, sensitive and energetic two parent family with either no other children or older children in the home would be wonderful.  One parent being at home full-time would be ideal, given the three girls are not yet in school, and this level of presence could assist in their transition and adjustment.  A commitment to meaningfully connecting the children to their extended family and heritage would be important to fully meeting their needs. 

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Apr 11, 2018

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