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Blaze is a 13 year old boy
Frost is a 10 year old boy

Blaze and Frost are active and fun loving boys with a loving sibling bond.  With their strong connection, it’s a must to find a forever home where they can grow up together!

Blaze, born in 2003, has hazel eyes, light brown hair and an engaging smile.  Outgoing, friendly and kind, this youngster enjoys being busy and active.  Blaze has a wide range of interests from outdoor activities like bike riding, longboarding, riding scooters or fishing to watching professional hockey, reading, playing video games, board games or adding to his various collections.  As an active learner, Blaze loves to learn how things work.  He especially likes to talk and debate issues in the world today.  Blaze is a sweet and caring big brother who enjoys spending time with his younger sibling and is always one to look out for him.  In a regular school program, Blaze does well with supports that promote his self-confidence and provide him with the skills to be a successful learner.  He is well-liked by his teachers and has aspirations in the future of writing a novel!

Frost, born in 2007, has brown eyes, glasses, brown hair and a charming smile.  This active child with a slim build, enjoys spending time with others both old and young alike.  Frost can be a little shy at first however as he becomes more comfortable his cheerful and fun loving personality shines through.  He enjoys a wide range of activities and interests from riding his bike, swimming, camping to playing with Lego, dinosaurs or his various action figures.  Frost idolizes his big brother and enjoys spending time with him whenever he gets the chance!  In a modified school program, Frost does best with supports that assist him in building strategies to improve self-confidence and remain focused. 

These two amazing and likeable children would do best in a committed, active and fun loving adoptive family.  They would benefit from a family that is prepared to give them the time and attention needed and would do best in a two-parent or single parent family where they are either the only children or the youngest.  A willingness to ensure they can maintain meaningful connections to members of their birth family would be important for them.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Feb 22, 2017

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