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Adam is a 12 year old boy
Gabriel is a 7 year old boy

Adam and Gabriel are friendly and sociable brothers who are well bonded and enjoy spending time together.  These children are waiting for an energetic and loving family to call their own, and within which they can grow up together.

Adam, born in 2005, is an outgoing and social child with dark blonde hair and blue eyes.  He is a kind and pleasant boy who engages well with both children and adults alike.  He enjoys connecting through conversation, and by being helpful to those around him.  Being a good role model to his little brother and other younger children is important to him.  Adam likes activities that involve spatial awareness and building, so particularly enjoys Lego and video games like Minecraft.  Having plenty of energy, the outdoors is always a big draw where he likes to ride his bike, skateboard, and dart around on his scooter.  Adam is currently attending a specialized school program where he benefits from supports to assist him in managing his emotions and achieving academic success.

Gabriel, born in 2010, is a handsome little guy with brown hair, brown eyes, and a wide smile.  Chatty and friendly by nature, he likes people and enjoys making friends and having lively conversation.  He responds really well to positive attention, and likes to please those he cares about.  He loves being active at the park, playing with his toy cars, and going for walks.  Like his brother, Gabriel attends a specialized school program where he gets support to reach his learning potential and behavioral goals.  He is a visual learner who enjoys opportunities for hands-on experiences and does best when provided with predictable routines and consistency.

These endearing boys deserve a family that will love and appreciate them for their individual gifts.  A skilled two parent family with either no other children, or with children younger than Gabriel and Adam, would be great.  A family where structure, fun, patience, realistic expectations, and encouragement are offered will see the best in them.  A family able to support the children in remaining connected to their sibling is essential.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: May 10, 2017

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