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Profile for Adam

Adam is a 13 year old boy

Adam, born in 2005, is an outgoing and social child with a slim, athletic build, dark blonde hair and blue eyes.  He is a kind and pleasant boy who engages well with both children and adults alike.  He enjoys one on one interaction, connecting through conversation, and being helpful to those around him.  Being a good role model to younger children and peers is important to him, and he is very compassionate when they experience distress.  Adam is an avid reader, and also likes activities that involve spatial awareness and building such as Lego and Minecraft.  Having plenty of energy, the outdoors is always a big draw where he likes to ride his bike, skateboard, and dart around on his scooter. 

Adam is currently attending a specialized school program where he benefits from supports to assist him in managing his emotions and achieving academic success.  He is working hard to adapt to the increasing demands of school and program expectations. 

This well-meaning boy will benefit from a family environment which offers him lots of positive encouragement, patience, guidance, and unconditional acceptance.  A skilled two parent family with either no other children, or with an older male child, would be the best possible fit for him.  A commitment to ensuring he remain well connected with his brothers is crucial.

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