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Leland is a 8 year old boy
Liam is a 7 year old boy
Creelynn is a 6 year old girl

It would be a “dream come true” for Leland, Liam and Creelynn to grow up in their “forever family”.  This awesome sibling group deserves to grow up in a family that can provide them with love, permanence, and stability.

Leland, born in 2009, is a talkative, outgoing child with black hair and dark brown eyes.  With his easy-going personality, he is a wonderful “big brother” to his younger siblings.  Leland likes playing outdoors in the park, and just started indoor soccer. Leland is a smart boy and a great reader. Leland enjoys spending time drawing or painting.  This friendly boy enjoys school and is doing well in a regular school program.  He is well-liked by his teachers and classmates.

Liam, born in 2011, is a dear little boy with black hair and dark brown eyes.   This wonderful child has a smile that will melt your heart.  Liam is a friendly little guy that has a wonderful sense of humour.  Like many little boys his age, he is a big fan of “anything to do with trains”!  Liam attends a regular school program and he enjoys school and being able to learn about new things.  He has also had the benefit of some additional supports. 

Creelynn, born in 2012, is a sweetheart of a child with black hair and dark brown eyes.  This little one, is such a “girly-girl” and loves it when she can play “dress-up” including being able to “paint her nails” and have her hair done.  Like most little girls her age, she loves anything to do with princesses!  This friendly little girl, who is full of giggles, gets along well with others and is a delight to be around.

Leland, Liam, and Creelynn would flourish in an active, two parent home, with or without children.  This tremendous threesome deserves to grow up together in their “forever home” where they can be provided with gentleness, patience, and affection.  A family that is strongly committed to maintaining the children’s cultural connections as well as connections with their birth family would be most suitable. 

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Oct 25, 2017

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