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Ashley is a 16 year old girl

Ashley, born in 2002, is a tall young girl with a bright and cheerful smile.  Adventurous and athletic, she enjoys camping and sports of all kinds, with hockey, soccer, archery, skiing, martial arts, and skate-boarding being a few of these.  In more quiet moments, you might find her playing video games or building with Lego.  She benefits from clear direction in following through on activities and tasks that aren’t of immediate interest to her, but with prompts she has good follow through and is able to work independently.  A social and chatty girl, Ashley is a caring sister who communicates well with the people in her life.   She loves a challenge and is always game for new experiences! 

Ashley attends a regular academic program, and enjoys school.  She puts good effort into developing her friendships, is a pleasant presence in her classes, and is managing to meet learning objectives.  Her focus can be inconsistent, and so does better when she receives assistance to remain on task and distractions are minimized. 

Ashley is a wonderful child who requires an active and committed adoptive family who can provide her with support, patience, affection and lifelong belonging.  Adaptable as she is, she would do well in a single or two parent family as an only child or one of a few, whether older or younger.  She is closely connected with her brother and sister, so a family able to embrace and include them as part of their extended family would be truly meaningful.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Dec 13, 2017

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