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Emily is a 11 year old girl

Emily, born in 2005, is a fun-loving and active young girl with a pretty smile and a compassionate nature.  She loves the outdoors in any weather, and particularly enjoys skiing, swimming, and playing basketball. A committed “girly-girl”, Emily also enjoys shopping for stylish clothes, getting her nails done, and eating out! When restaurant dining is not on the agenda, she will enthusiastically set to baking and cooking for herself and others.
A bright and capable student, Emily has always been in a regular school program. She enjoys learning, has excellent attendance, and has no difficulty in achieving academic success thanks in part to her first-rate memory! Her helpful and kind personality allows her to forge friendships and be well liked by her teachers.

Emily has indicated a preference for a two parent family, with an older sibling who might show her patience and support.  She would respond well to an active and easy-going family that is able to spend time with her, believe in her, show patience with testing behaviors, and provide her with structure, stability, and a sense of welcome.  As Emily has a number of important connections with family members, a commitment to helping her maintain these would be in her best interests. She is a lovely girl who has many wonderful qualities to share!

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Apr 12, 2017

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