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Eric is a 10 year old boy
Dominic is a 7 year old boy
Jayden is a 4 year old boy

A strong, active, and fun-loving family is being sought for these closely bonded brothers.  Energetic and appealing, these lively boys will bring laughter to the home and keep their parents on their toes!

Eric, born in 2006, is a sweet and sensitive boy with light brown hair and blue eyes.  He is a kind and polite youngster who shows natural reserve in new relationships.  With time to develop comfort, he shows great loyalty and devotion to the people he trusts.  He responds very well to patient and positive attention, and likes to please.  Eric plays well with others, and likes to be outdoors.  He likes to play soccer, swim, go sledding, watch movies, and play video games.  Eric is in a regular school program, where he is generally an average student.  He has friends, and is doing well in the school environment.

Dominic, born in 2010, is a chatty and smiley boy who looks a lot like his older brother, but is a true extrovert!  Willing to try anything, he is busy and on the go, and can be counted on to take full advantage of an opportunity for fun and mischief.  He has a love of singing and is quite entertaining when showcasing his original tunes and lyrics.  Dominic is a bright boy who is doing well in his school program, but benefits from specific support for focus and behavior.

Little Jayden, born in 2012, is a happy, enthusiastic little soul.  Very easily entertained, he likes all manner of activities.  Dancing, listening to music, being read to, playing with toy cars and airplanes, coloring, and heading outdoors are just a few.  He finds pleasure in interacting with his brothers and other children, and loves to include others in his fun.  He currently attends an early intervention pre-school program, where he is showing good progress in his ability to communicate his feeling and thoughts more clearly.

These lovely boys richly deserve a committed and loving adoptive family, where they can be raised in a home where their unique gifts are recognized and celebrated.  A two parent family with or without other children would be suitable.  A sincere commitment to maintaining important connections they have with extended family, as well as an ability to access any necessary specialized supports now and in the future, will be important to their well-being. 

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Mar 08, 2017

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