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Angel is a 15 year old girl

Angel, born in 2004, has brown hair, brown eyes and a smile that will capture hearts.   Somewhat reserved, Angel does best in environments that are calm and have predictable routines.  This amazing young person needs the stability and permanence of an understanding, loving, and structured adoptive family that she can call her very own.

Angel enjoys drawing, going for walks, doing crafts, being able to play games on her tablet, swimming and baking.  A real “girly girl”, Angel loves dressing fashionably, having her nails painted and her hair styled.  Happy times are heading out for a lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich and a long john donut!!


This young girl responds best to a calm and predictable environment where she can get the consistent reassurance that she needs.  Patience and understanding are important skills to have so that Angel can connect with others and feel most at ease.  Currently attending a specialized school program, she benefits from the support of an aide to make progress with behaviors and development.


Angel would do best in a two parent home where she can be the youngest or an only child.  The ideal family for Angel should be comfortable and experienced with providing a structured and calm environment.  This nurturing, insightful and resourceful family will need to maintain ongoing connections to her sibling and extended family, as well as being prepared to provide supports into adulthood as required.


This deserving child will benefit greatly by being able to grow up in a forever home that can shower her with the compassion and loving care that will help her thrive and move forward in a positive manner.  An ability and willingness to advocate on her behalf for any necessary resources and supports, now and in the future, would be most suitable.

Featured on Wednesday's Child: Nov 19, 2019

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